Photo-transfer Technology


Transferring photographs to fabric finally became a viable option for participants once we had identified a type of transfer that would not melt on Kinko’s high-speed photocopier rollers.  Months of calling companies for samples that could be tested by Kinko’s repair contractors, Gordon Flesch Company, finally paid off.

Transferred Images had then to be pressure ironed

onto fabric, and

Columbus T-Shirt specialists Prism  Prints donated their time and equipment to doing this for Public Book participants.

Clearly, the value to the project of what sponsors gave in services far

exceeded what cash donations would have accomplished.

For this page, photographs from Children’s Hospital’s archives and volunteers’ family albums were transferred to create a collage of memories  celebrating 1992 as the 100th anniversary of the hospital. The truly remarkable  women of the Auxiliaries Council, 4800 strong, work year round on major fundraising efforts for Children’s Hospital--the annual Jack Nicklaus Memorial Tournament at Muirfield and the holiday Festival of Trees, to name just two. 

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